Habits of Original Thinkers – How to be Your Own Original

Love TED Talks? Me too! If you don’t already know, they are free to the public via YouTube!

I am a big believer in the power of originality – your originality. But it’s hard, right? It’s hard to be different, to not try to be like other people. So how can you overcome the tendency to shy away from “thinking outside of the box?” Have 15 minutes? Watch the TED Talk below, and learn what habits will help you get there!


How to Use Airbnb – The SAFE Way

Do you have any anxiety using Airbnb?

Well if you are a strictly hotel/motel guy or gal give me JUST 3 MINUTES to introduce your to Airbnb and change your mind!

Short YouTube Overview:


As we are well aware, travel is well….  EXPENSIVE! But, there are people like me who don’t have much extra cash and still manage to travel. How you ask? Personally, I decide what I can live without, and then I let all that go! This means that while staying in a nice hotel with a pool and room service would be nice, I instead check out available Airbnb options! Airbnb costs are low, but location and quality are as high as you could want. This is an especially good option for families who require multiple rooms, as you could (potentially) rent a whole apartment or home to stay in for the duration of your trip.


However as you are likely aware, Airbnb has run into a few crooks. So how can you travel on a budget and stay safe? Here are some tips:

1.) Look for apartments/ homes with over 50 different, high (4.5+) ratings. These tend to be safe and reliable. As always, make sure to read ALL the comments before you book!

2.) If number 1 still leaves you concerned, consider choosing only “Super Hosts.” These are hosts who have received only 5 Star ratings. That means that EVERY single person who has stayed with them, loved their stay! Find one of these with 50+ reviews and you should be “sitting pretty!”

3.) See the type and number of certifications your prospective host(s) have! These certifications are given by Airbnb to the host, as the hosts shows documents proving that their place is actually theirs, and that they do have a right to rent it out as they see fit. So check these out, and give your mind an extra degree of satisfaction!

I’ve stayed in Airbnb in 2 different cities in France, absolutely loved my stay, and only regret not using this service sooner!! Just as an example My brother and mom stayed at one of the very nice (& reasonably priced) Marriott hotel’s in Paris. With his companies discount my brother was spending about $120/ night (a good deal for a nice hotel in Paris), however my dad and I, were staying in a private apartment we had booked through Airbnb for only $48 USD a night! As you can tell, we were saving big, and “eating big” because of it (so MANY delicious restaurants!).If you are on a budget, or just want to get a better feel for the local culture/ living, try out Airbnb!!

Have you used Airbnb before?? If so, please share your thoughts and experiences below!

Happy Travels!


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p.s. Paris get’s pretty cold in April (hence my face haha).




How’d We Do?? Money Belt Edition!!

Money Belt Video

Concerned about keeping yourself safe while traveling? If you are traveling to Europe, pick pockets/ petty crimes are the most common crimes committed against tourists. But you don’t have to be a victim, if you prepare yourself adequately!! Here is where the infamous Money Belt comes in.

If you don’t have a safe in the apartment/ hotel you are staying in, consider keeping your important documents and cards on you at all times, in a money belt. This thin silky belt fits easily and comfortably under clothes (even skinny jeans ladies!!). These belts can be purchased at specialty travel stores as well as online warehouses such as Amazon, and range between $15-$25 (USD). If you are sensitive about RFID protection, recognize that most of these belts aren’t RFID protected, so it may be wise to purchase a specialty RFID pouch for your passport and cards (or just place your cards in your passport RFID pouch to save some $$).

Think about it!! For Less than $30 you can assure yourself a safe and nearly headache-free adventure abroad! That’s definitely worth the money, right?!

Do you use a money belt when you travel? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts on them! 

Happy Travels!




How’d We Do??

Hello Friends! My goodness it has been so long… I think about 2 weeks now since I have written! Have you ever traveled somewhere you dreamt about for years but never thought you’d ever get to go? If so I want to hear ALL ABOUT it!! So please, share via commenting below!

I literally just got back from mine! I spent a week traveling France with my Dad (so fun!) and spent sometime with my older brother and mom in Paris! It was hand’s down one of the MOST amazing experiences of my life – and I have SOOO much to share!

Here goes the theme for the next few weeks, “How’d we do?”

Focused on Do’s and Don’t: How to Save Yourself a Headache with TSA and Customs, How to “Airbnb Like a Pro” and so much more! Tune in tomorrow to learn a little more about French Culture, and particulary “What Not To Do in France.”

See you then!

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CarpeDiem – This is why I Travel

So you want to travel the world, see its wonders, take lots of pictures, and brag to your friends about your new finds and experiences, huh?


Though these are great desires, if these are our main reasons for travel we are missing the “ticket” to the backdoor. In order to become a citizen of the world we have to dig deeper. Instead of only glancing at tourists sites, why not get a little closer to the native culture? Maybe stay in an airbnb, mainly/ only take public transportation, engage your waiter at dinner, or strike up a conversation with the person next to you on the subway. Learn who these people are! What makes them tick? What do they like? What are some of their unique cultural differences between you and them? What do you want to bring with you from their culture and etiquette that you want to add to that of your own?

Conscientious traveling is your ticket to becoming a citizen of the world. Conscious traveling doesn’t only make beautiful memories, it builds ties. Ties of trust, tolerance, and brother/sisterly kindness between nations. Couldn’t we use a bit more of that right now?

What do you think? What would you add to the above?




Globetrotting Kills Ethnocentricity

Thoughtful Traveling is potent antidote to the problems we see in the world today! Here’s why:

-Our Earth is home to seven billion equally precious people... thoughtful travel engages us with the world. It reminds us what is truly important.-.png

This is why I travel! To connect with my brother’s and sister’s around the world. To help promote goodwill, understanding, tolerance, love, and kinship. To me that’s a powerful gift – and a train I definitely want to be riding! Let’s not just be tourists, let’s be “engaged travelers” who learn and appreciate the people, societies, and countries which they visit!

Let me know your thoughts! I’d love to hear from you 😀